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Private lessons (Drums, Cajon)

I've been teaching the drums professionally for over 15 years to students of any level -- the 5-year-old who won't sit still at the table anymore, the teenagers getting excited to start their first band, the professionals who need a break after a heavy day of work, the retirees who want to start their second career, and as well to human beings with physical or mental challenges. I enjoit all!!!

I developed my individual sound through studies at the Drummers' Collective in New York,  getting a Professional Music Diploma from Berklee College of Music in Boston and receiving a Master's in Music and Music Education at the Universtiy of the Arts  in Zurich (Switzerland). I also studied the cajon at the Taller Flamenco in Seville, Spain.


Get in contact if you're looking for private lessons, which I am happy to give with an individually tailored curriculum, as well as flexible scheduling. The lessons could either take place at my rehearsal studio (Francisco Studios, 6100 E. 39th Ave.) or at your home. Read Reviews


Rates at my studio: 

$65/60 minutes

$50/45 minutes

$35/30 minutes


Rates in your home:

$75/60 minutes

$60/45 minutes

$45/30 minutes

Band Coaching:

For bands (all styles), which are looking for tips regarding groove, time-playing, instrumentation, song arrangements, live performance, etc.


Coaching formats can include visiting rehearsals or concerts, preparations for studio recordings, or coaching a studio session. Before any coaching session, we’ll first discuss the band’s individual needs and aims.

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"I took up drums a couple of years ago after a long break (35 years) and have studied with several pro drummers since. I've found there is a difference between great drummers and great drummers who can also teach. I've retained Andreas on the "A" list. He's is highly skilled and has been able to help me with everything I've thrown at him including different styles from jazz to reggae to difficult Latin grooves. Knowing what is expected in live situations is also something he has helped me with. Andreas is an inspiring musician." (John C.)

"Great drummer and great teacher. I was nervous going into my first lesson with Andreas but he made me feel tottaly relaxed. Tailor's lessons to my skill level and works on topics I bring up. Would recommend." (Aaron M. )

"Andreas is an insightful teacher who comes up with different and inputs according to your needs. You can tell he has a lot of experience not only teaching but also playing live. I really enjoy going to his funky rehearsal space." Benny K.)

"He is a very attentive and creative, always figuring out new approaches to teach students with various musical interests and abilities. In particular he has a great rapport with students with special needs." (Jeanne M.) 

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