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I have a lot of experience in session work and recording in the styles of Pop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, Country, Singer/Songwriter, etc. But I am generally open for any creative cooperation. I love working together in the studio and work on your songs. My work will hopefully add something to your compositions.

Also visit: Hit Box Studio Denver

Drum equipment: 

-DW Performance Kit, 10"/12"/14"/22

-Slinglerand 60's Vintage Kit, 12"/16"/20"

-Gretsch Catalina Jazz Club Kit;  10"/14"/18"

-Ludwig Breakbeats Questlove Kit; 10"/13"/16"

-Leedy 40's 26" bass drum

-Meinl Cajon plus add-ons

I am also offering remote drum track recordings out of my Studio (Hit Box Studio)


-Rode NT4

-Sennheiser MD-421

-Sennheiser MD-441

-SM 57

-SM 81

-Sure Beta 91

-Schlagwerk Cajon Condenser Mic

Artist List:

-Atomic Pablo

-Brett Hydinger

-Coexistence Trio

-David Booker

-David Other

-Heart & Soul

-Julie Geller


-Leigh West

-Lucas Swafford

-Maggie Lyons



-Mr. Pig

-Nicolas Senn/Elias Bernet

-Paul Erlandson

-Paul Jarrett

-Rhett Heyward

-Seth Dobbs



-Walter Baumgartner

Get in contact for pricing.

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